A lady who brutally murdered her mom assisted by her boyfriend. Her mom suffered from a extreme psychological sickness and Gypsy “wished to interrupt free” Search ‘The homicide of Dee Dee Blanchard for the total story. : TrueCrime

What a horribly incorrect title. I met them each, and their “story” of the poor sick woman was well-known in Kansas Metropolis and thus I adopted the story very carefully when it occurred.

Gypsy was horrifically abused – actually poisoned, disfigured, and lied to for years and brought benefit of in each doable approach. Individuals all the time have a look at this as “woman murders her mom” as an alternative of “unstable boyfriend of tortured woman kills her abuser of a number of a long time as a method of escape.”

If Dee Dee was a stranger to her, this might be hailed as self-defense no drawback, however as a result of she’s her mom Dee Dee out of the blue will get a go and Gypsy will get portrayed as this horrible prison sentenced to life?

That is hardly justice.