Alsa Thompson, a seven 12 months outdated woman who poisoned 11 individuals and killed three in 1925, los Angeles. Making her probably the worlds youngest serial killer. : TrueCrime

Look it up. Heres an inventory of the crimes

1923 – Mildred & Muriel Thompson, 2-year-old twins; floor glass, died; Dauphin, Canada

Jan. 1925 – Miss Nettie Steele (identical as Mrs. Worth?), daughter of Alice Steele; poisoned with “ant paste”; died

1925 – Maxine Thompson, 2-years-old; individually poisoned; try to slash with razor blade

1925 – Mr. Jess Platt (or Platts); poisoned (household meal)

1925 – Mrs. Inez Platt; poisoned (household meal)

1925 – Lorraine “Lou” Platt; poisoned (household meal) 12-years-old; try to slash with razor blade

1925 – youngest Platt;

1925 – William Kearns, Fireman, customer to Platts residence; poisoned (household meal)

1925 – Canaries; poisoned; died

1925 – Cat; poisoned