Ask earlier than reclining, says airline boss. So what if the individual behind says no?

To recline or not? One airline boss says it’s best to preserve the seat again upright.

The largest query in flying etiquette has once more been requested after a recliner shared video showing the man behind repeatedly hitting her seat.

The video divided opinion alongside well-worn strains: recliners who say the seats recline for a cause, and anti-recliners who say invading the area of the passenger behind is thoughtless.

The two-hour flight was from New Orleans to Charlotte, North Carolina.


The 2-hour flight was from New Orleans to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box and said: “The correct factor to do is, if you are going to recline into any person, you ask if it is OK first.”

Which after all begs the query – what if they are saying no?

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He went on to say he would not name somebody out for reclining into him, however strongly implied it is behaviour to be frowned upon.

“I by no means recline, as a result of I do not assume it is one thing as CEO I ought to be doing, and I by no means say something if somebody reclines into me.”