Are you able to assist me discover the case I keep in mind listening to about 15 years in the past? : TrueCrime

hey everybody! I am positive somebody on right here may help me determine this out.

so, about 15 years in the past, after I was nonetheless a baby, I keep in mind listening to about this one true crime case, and now, I am unable to discover any info on it in any way.
from what I can recall, it featured a person leaving some type of establishment (undecided whether or not it was a jail or a psychological hospital). as he was on his technique to meet his mother (it might have been a while round Christmas), he purchased and drank some beer. he then broke into a house, from which he kidnapped a bit of lady. there have been two sisters sleeping within the room, and he informed the opposite one to shut her eyes and depend (perhaps backwards). he then murdered the lady he kidnapped.

I do know this is not lots of element in any respect, however that is actually all I keep in mind.