Are you able to pinpoint that one episode/ebook/film of a case that opened your thoughts to true crime? : TrueCrime

For me, it was the second episode of Mindhunter once they launched Ed Kemper. I had all the time related serial killers to being conceited and sadistic, however a lot of this was contradicted by Kemper’s background and conduct.

Apart from that, the unique Legislation and Order helped me realized what makes a strong case that may really stand up to a courtroom continuing and the way lengthy a few of these could take.

It is fascinating to see what sort of circumstances get the thoughts going, or if the curiosity relies on how it’s portrayed by the present or the podcast creater. Like dramatizations aren’t for me as one way or the other the storytelling of some podcasters I’ve stumbled upon make me view it in my thoughts higher and know it extra.