Chinese language New Yr celebrated in Eindhoven

Chinese language New Yr in Eindhoven? It was celebrated with a standard Lions’ or Dragons’ dance. And by serving and consuming a lot of particular dishes!

This 12 months is named the 12 months of the Pig or Boar. The Chinese language zodiac has twelve animal-signs, which change per Chinese language 12 months.


It appears, the Jade Emperor mentioned the order through which the zodiac cycle was to be determined, could be the order through which the invited animals would arrive at his get together. Based on one story, Pig was late as a result of he overslept.

Although one other delusion mentions, Wolf destroyed the Boar’s residence. So Pig or Boar, needed to rebuild his residence first. Solely then did he set off for the Emperor’s get together. After all, he arrived final and needed to be content material with twelfth place within the cycle.


Regardless: Saturday, Chinese language New Yr was enthusiastically welcomed in Eindhoven. The centre of festivities was on the Eindhoven store of Asian grocery store chain “Wonderful Oriental”, at Langdonkenstraat 7. Occasions, free tasting classes and Asian cooking reveals are usually organized on the retailers of this chain.

The normal Lions’ or Dragons’ dance is commonly accompanied by lighting fire-crackers. The dances are carried out via streets and in entrance of retailers, to push back evil spirits and bless the world. Furthermore, small pink baggage or envelopes containing cash are additionally distributed.

Based on one of many guests watching the spectacle: “It’s good to see how different cultures have fun and welcome a New Yr!”.

Hundreds of Chinese language name Eindhoven their residence and celebrated their New Yr in model. The rising high-tech sector ensures many individuals from Asian nations now dwell within the metropolis. They share their traditions, celebrations, festivals with all people else in Eindhoven.

Born within the 12 months of the Boar or Pig and being teased about “oversleeping”? Remind your mates: in Chinese language tradition, pigs are the image of wealth and success. Supplied you consider in astrology, in fact.

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