Craig Lilienthal, Hugh Barrett, Peter Skinner, Rob Wheeler, Greg Mudie

Following all of the latest conjecture about whether or not the plastic wrapping round home-delivered copies of The Sydney Morning Herald may be recycled (C8), Granny determined that it was time for some info. The Herald’s circulation division regarded into the matter additional for us final week and that is their response. “The flat wrap that’s used for many of metropolitan Sydney is provided by WRH International. They’ve confirmed that the plastic may be recycled via the Coles and Woolworths recycle packages.” So off you trot to the plastic recycle bins of your most well-liked grocery store.

It was all the time going to occur. Hugh Barrett of Sanctuary Level “cannot bear in mind the (massive) calibre of the six-shot, powder-fired revolver (C8) that my mate Dooffy made ‘after hours’ within the tech workshop at our boarding faculty, however I do bear in mind all of us speaking him out of firing it by hand. So he tied it to a stump and pulled the set off through an extended string. Simply as effectively – it blew the stump aside.”

Peter Skinner of Beecroft raises the stakes considerably on Dave Horsfall’s rifle (C8). “In the future in 1963 ‘Ma’ Jenkins, our historical French instructor at Caringbah Excessive College, went proper off at us for drawing vehicles, planes and all else besides issues French. ‘You are as dangerous as Evelyn Owen who fooled round drawing weapons all lesson, however at the very least he invented the Owen submachine gun and helped shorten the struggle for the Australian Military’.”

Craig Lilienthal of Wollstonecraft not too long ago requested one in every of his teenage granddaughters how she was managing through the pandemic. She responded by saying, “‘The federal government ought to cast off all restrictions and permit the group to develop herd immunity’. Once I defined that that is perhaps OK for younger individuals like her, nevertheless it may kill outdated individuals like me, she retorted with, ‘Properly, somebody has to take one for the staff’. I should suppose twice about taking her to dinner once more.”

Rob Wheeler of Ermington additionally noticed Shintaro and the ninjas at The Stadium (C8), which was nice pleasure for his younger self, however “I used to be a bit upset that the ninjas had to make use of small trampolines to do their 20-foot jumps.”