Assist discovering a case? A number of ladies held captive by a person and compelled to eat one of many victims : TrueCrime

Hello, I am new to reddit so sorry if I missed any posting etiquette. I bear in mind stumbling on a case a few years in the past on Youtube the place a person saved a number of ladies in his basement, and when one handed away the others had been fed her stays and pet food. I believe I bear in mind them mentioning one thing about electrocution, however I may very well be remembering improper.

Each time I attempt to seek for it, solely the Ariel Castro case comes up so I am having bother. The video I watched was an interview with two of the victims however the video was very darkish and also you could not actually see something. They talked about their expertise and the way certainly one of them struggled with Stockholm syndrome.

Does anybody know of any circumstances that line up with this?