I apologize if this isn’t the right place to ask, however are there any situations of individuals cooperating with police after which getting wrongfully accused? : TrueCrime

After all. Completely. We all know that generally the perpetrator will inject themselves into the investigation. So when they’re ‘cooperating’, although harmless, they could be falsely accused. After which – one unhealthy trial with the flawed decide? Yikes. It all the time looks as if you possibly can’t win. You might be both “cooperating “ ( so that you look responsible) or you might be considered as “Not cooperating” ( so that you look responsible). Richard Jewell in Atlanta wasn’t responsible, a lot much less tried and convicted, and but his entire life was ruined. And he was a safety guard in good standing and Saved lots of lives that day/ absolutely cooperated. We’re fortunate the actual perpetrator was found- however think about if he weren’t? I used to be dwelling there on the time and went to the Olympics with a number of young children proper afterwards, solely as a result of the Atlanta information firmly said the bomber had been definitively arrested.