In 1928, Nathan Rehmeyer was killed by a fellow people magic practitioner John Blymire after being accused of cursing Blymire. : TrueCrime

In 1928, a homicide occurred in Rehmeyer’s Hole in Central Pennsylvania. The accused assassin, a person by the title of John Blymire, had killed Nathan Rehmeyer because of Blymire’s beliefs that Rehmeyer had cursed him. At this level in historical past, pow-wow, a kind of folks magic that was was meant for therapeutic. Each Blymire and Rehmeyer had been well-known amongst native pow-wowwers.

Blymire, together with accomplices, went to Rehmeyer’s home, killed the person, and tried to burn down the home. Mysteriously, the hearth went out, preserving sufficient proof to search out the murderers. Try the video for extra info on this sensational classic true crime.

Within the video, I construct the home that Nathan Rehmeyer was killed in based mostly off of reference photographs I used to be capable of finding.