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Jennifer Fulford, a 56-year-woman, was reported missing Sept. 27, 2019. Fulford labored as a nanny for the Berman household in Orange County, Florida. Earlier that day, round 11:40 AM, she’d referred to as a contractor (Janet Grimm) who was scheduled to return to the home and informed the contractor to not come. She stated that one thing had occurred to Berman’s son at college, and he or she wanted to go decide up the boy instantly.

However at 2:30 PM, the boy nonetheless hadn’t been picked up, and that was his regular faculty dismissal time. Within the seven years that Jennifer had been working for the Bermans, she’d by no means as soon as earlier than failed to choose up the children instantly after faculty. Reid Berman then referred to as Jennifer to ask why she hadn’t picked up the boy, however she didn’t decide up. And when Berman obtained from work that day, Jennifer was nowhere to be discovered. Her purse was present in a rest room of the Berman dwelling, however her pockets and cellphone had been lacking from the purse. At this level, Berman knew that one thing was very incorrect, and referred to as the police.

Berman additionally referred to as Robert Fulford, Jennifer’s husband, to inform him that he couldn’t discover Jennifer. Robert thought to examine his financial institution accounts to see if she’d bought something, and noticed a suspicious ATM withdrawal of $300. Robert instantly reported this to police, who visited the ATM to search for surveillance footage. The footage confirmed that the one who withdrew the cash was not Jennifer, however quite a wierd outdated man who’d used Jennifer’s debit card to make the withdrawal.

r/TrueCrime - Jennifer Fulford, nanny kidnapped and suffocated

Scott Nelson, surveillance footage from ATM

The person within the surveillance footage was finally recognized as Scott Nelson, a man with a protracted criminal historical past. He’d been out and in of jail for many of his life for numerous offenses, largely robberies. In complete, he’d spent over 20 years of his life in jail as much as that time. He was finally positioned and arrested in Jacksonville, FL. Scott confessed to murdering Jennifer Fulford, and he voluntarily gave them an in depth written confession.

In his confession, Nelson stated that he’d determined that he would do a house invasion after dropping his job, and he settled on the Berman home as his goal. The night time earlier than, he’d truly scouted out the home and spied on Jennifer whereas she was working. Then on Sept. 27, he watched the home till he noticed a bundle being delivered. Instantly after the bundle was delivered, he ran as much as the door and rang the doorbell. Jennifer answered the door, and Nelson briefly pretended that he’d been the one to ship the bundle earlier than forcing his manner into the home.

Jennifer screamed as he entered the home, however he instantly pulled out a knife and informed her to take a seat on the ground. He certain her with zip ties. He then went upstairs to seize a comforter, wrapped Jennifer within the comforter, and loaded Jennifer into her personal automobile. Scott drove the automobile to a close-by ATM and used Jennifer’s card to withdraw $300. He then drove Jennifer out to the vacant lot the place she was finally discovered. Lastly, he compelled her out into the sector, wrapped her head in duct tape to stop her from screaming, and stabbed her earlier than leaving her to die.

Scott additionally claimed that he was accountable for eight unsolved homicides, though it will be sensible to be very skeptical of that. The trial of Scott Nelson started on Jun 24, 2019. The prosecutor for the case was Linda Drane Burdick. If that title sounds acquainted, then it’s in all probability as a result of she was additionally one of many prosecutors for the Casey Anthony trial.

r/TrueCrime - Jennifer Fulford, nanny kidnapped and suffocated

Linda Drane Burdick

The primary and solely witness referred to as by the protection was Scott Nelson himself. He admitted that he was the one who’d killed Jennifer Fulford. However he additionally stated that he was NOT accountable for her loss of life. The particular person actually accountable for the loss of life of Jennifer Fulford, he stated, was truly a person named Julio Dominguez! *GASP*

He defined that Julio Dominguez was his probation officer, and he’d deliberately gotten Scott Nelson fired from his job and thrown out on the road. He stated that he’d been residing with an “allegedly Christian” (I don’t know why he says “allegedly” however that’s what he says) household who’d given him a spot to stay after he’d gotten out of jail, whereas he was working for a portray firm. Then someday, Julio got here barging in and informed Scott’s boss about all of the horrible issues that Scott had completed over time.

When the boss heard about Scott’s prison historical past, he instantly fired Scott Nelson. Scott was kicked out onto the road. Then after residing on the road for weeks, he grew to become determined for cash, and that’s why he determined to interrupt into the Berman home. As a result of, he stated, in the event you kick a canine sufficient instances, finally it’ll chew. And that’s what occurred to him, he was a canine that obtained kicked too many instances and determined to chew. He stated that Jennifer Fulford was “collateral injury” and that her loss of life was the fault of Julio Dominguez.

Nelson didn’t even faux to be remorseful for killing Fulford, however he did get very agitated when the prosecutor referred to as him a racist. So apparently, that’s the place he attracts the road.

Since his trial, some individuals have disputed Scott Nelson’s model of occasions. For instance, Nelson’s boss from the portray job has stated that Scott wasn’t even fired, he simply inexplicably walked off the job someday and by no means got here again. His boss has additionally stated that: 1) he employs ex-cons on a regular basis, Scott being a felon wasn’t an issue for him; 2) Julio Dominguez did go to him as soon as, however that was simply to confirm that Scott was certainly working. So you’ll be able to resolve who to imagine.

The homicide of Jennifer Fulford was lined by the podcast Court Junkie within the aptly titled episode: “The Conceited Killer.”

r/TrueCrime - Jennifer Fulford, nanny kidnapped and suffocated

Jennifer Fulford