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Here is a bizarre one. A girl named Kerry Lyn Dalton was sentenced to dying in 1995 for a 1988 homicide that will or could not have taken place.

A physique has by no means been discovered. Proof has by no means been discovered.

From what I can collect, the one ‘proof’ is heresay from a number of meth addicts who have been provided plea bargains on different prices in change for his or her testimony.

She and three accomplices allegedly tortured to dying a girl named Irene Might in 1988, whom Kerry thought had stolen her jewelery. I say allegedly as a result of a physique was by no means discovered, nor was a weapon, nor was any bodily proof in anyway. There was additionally no proof of a break-in the place Kerry was staying, which gave additional doubt to the concept there had been a theft.

From Wikipedia:

On February 14, 1995, on the sixth day of Dalton’s trial, the presiding decide, Thomas J. Whelan, made this assertion: “I feel the file is obvious that no physique has ever been discovered on this case. The file is equally clear that there’s circumstantial proof that there was a murder. There’s additionally conflicting circumstantial proof that it will not be a murder; in reality, she should still be alive …” Whelan went on to say, “My purpose for making these statements is to ascertain for the file that in my thoughts corpus is a respectable subject on this case. It isn’t a ruse that – there’s a respectable subject earlier than the jury as as to whether or not there’s – a corpus of a murder has been established”. (trial transcripts: p. 3507, CR NO. 135002).[6]

In response to a query from the prosecutor and an objection from the protection, the decide stated, “Women and gents, within the final query Mr. Dusek requested, he talked about that the – Melanie Might – on this case, is deceased. That is a truth so that you can resolve. It is inappropriate for him to place that within the query…whether or not or not Miss Might is in reality deceased or not, as a result of that is one thing so that you can resolve”. (trial transcripts: p. 4661, CR NO. 135002)

The alleged confessions from Ms. Dalton regarding the homicide of Ms. Might are solely based mostly on Prosecutor’s investigator Richard Cooksey repeating rumour. There isn’t any file of any confession coming straight from Kerry Dalton.

So mainly a girl has been sentenced to dying based mostly on heresay. Even placing apart that the testimonies got here from meth heads, this case is solely based mostly on heresay versus precise proof, and seemingly nothing extra. She’s been on dying row happening 26 years now. I imply what the hell..

I am not an advocate of hers. I do not know whether or not she’s responsible or harmless and am not assuming in both course. I simply discovered about her immediately and I believed her case is among the extra fascinating that I’ve come throughout not too long ago.

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