Searching for Case Examples…

For simplicity sake: I’ve a pal who was VERY favored by a man again in highschool. This man isn’t a stalker, per se, however hasn’t gotten over this crush in practically a decade. He unfriended all of us on social media as a result of he “couldn’t naked” to see my pal dwell her life with out him (she received married virtually a 12 months in the past.) now, he’s including us all once more on social media, and my pal is contemplating “letting him again into her life.”

Are you able to consider any circumstances the place this didn’t end up effectively? I’m wracking my mind for “murdered by stalkers they didn’t consider have been dangerous” circumstances, however can’t consider any. Simply attempting to persuade my pal she doesn’t should be buddies with everybody she’s ever met. Any good examples? Thanks upfront!

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