Lori Vallows

Going by my recollections on Fb and different social media, and I noticed I used to be actually invested on this case round this time final 12 months. Now, I actually can't abdomen listening to extra.

I felt a intestine intuition the youngsters weren’t alive anymore when it first made headlines, however I by no means imagined the aftermath or what they did to these poor souls.

And I nonetheless don't perceive what made her do it if she was recognized to be a very good mother earlier than. There's a lot unexplored in her thought course of however she is basically good at shutting folks out and being cryptic. I used to be stunned to find out about her four marriages.

The place do you all assume this case will go relating to the youngsters and the previous spouses? There’s nonetheless so much to go earlier than courts get again to regular with COVID and this can flock lots of people to the court docket home.

Eta: tried to appropriate final identify to Vallow

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