Marshall Johnson, John Nicol, Robert Christie, Meri Will, Ed Carr, Heather Lindsay, Chris Patten,

Robert Christie of Cleveland (Qld) believes that John Frith’s assertion in regards to the solar all the time being within the northern sky from the southern hemisphere (C8) “should come as a shock to individuals residing north of Rockhampton within the depths of their so-called winter.” John Nicol of Surry Hills elucidates. “North of the Tropic of Capricorn, the solar is all the time within the southern a part of the sky on the summer season solstice, and south of the Tropic within the southern a part of the sky within the mornings and evenings for numerous lengths of time within the interval between the September and March equinoxes. Solely between the March and September equinoxes is the solar by no means within the southern sky wherever within the southern hemisphere.”

Roderick van Gelder’s assertion that politicians haven’t got greater than 5 associates (C8) is disputed by Ed Carr of Hornsby. “Politicians have limitless associates. They’re referred to as lobbyists.”

David Gordon of Cranebrook hopes that the misuse of naked/bear (C8) spreads to the USA. “Simply think about ‘No naked arms’!” Look out — referencing that US constitutional modification is only a deliberate stirring of the pot.

Did not take lengthy. “As a US citizen, I ought to level out that I feel I’ve a constitutional proper to reveal arms (C8), and take benefit in the summertime months by sometimes sporting singlets,” says Chris Keane of Seattle (USA).

“Throughout this pandemic, my demise won’t be the results of a virus — it is going to be a automobile,” writes Heather Lindsay of Woonona. “I’ve by no means crossed the street a lot in my complete life, all within the identify of individuals avoidance. Are there different new types of risks surfacing in individuals’s lives?”