Superquiz and Goal Time, Sunday, October 11


Utilizing the 9 letters within the grid, what number of phrases of 4 letters or extra are you able to checklist? The centre letter should be included and every letter could also be used solely as soon as. There’s not less than one 9-letter phrase. No colloquial or overseas phrases. No capitals, apostrophes or plurals ending in ‘s’.

Reference: Macquarie Dictionary


Immediately’s Goal: 25 phrases, common; 30 phrases, good; 35+ phrases, wonderful.

Final week’s resolution: ably, alit, anil, aril, artily, aryl, bail, blain, blat, brail, hail, halt, hila, hilt, inlay, inly, LABYRINTH, lain, lair, laity, lari, lath, lathi, lathy, liar, lint, linty, liny, lira, litany, nail, rail, rhinal, rial, riyal, tail, tali, thinly, path, trial, tribal, trilby, trinal.