Goal and superquiz, Thursday, June 11

At the moment’s Goal: 13 phrases, good; 19 phrases, superb; 26 phrases, wonderful.

Wednesday’s answer: acre, ager, agree, anger, angrier, arcing, arere, cagier, cairn, care, careen, profession, CAREERING, caring, carr, cere, cigar, crag, crane, crier, cringe, keen, earn, earner, earring, enrage, erica, erne, erring, gainer, garner, gear, genera, generic, style, grace, grain, inexperienced, grin, nacre,close to, nearer, nicer, race, racer, racier, racing, rage, rain, rang, vary, ranger, rangier, rani, uncommon, raring, rear, rearing, regain, reign, rein, reran, rice, ricer, ring, ringer