Goal Time and superquiz, Monday, January 11


Discover phrases of 4 letters or extra. Each phrase should embrace the centre letter and every letter is used as soon as solely. Discover at the very least one nine-letter phrase. No colloquial or overseas phrases, capitalised nouns, apostrophes or hyphens. No verbs or plural phrases ending in “s”. Resolution record will not be exhaustive.

Reference supply: Macquarie Dictionary


At present’s Goal: 24 phrases, common; 32 phrases, good; 45+ phrases, wonderful.

Saturday’s Goal: chow, codon, coot, coth, rely, couth, dhow, donut, doth, down, hood, hoot, hound, nohow, notch, nutwood, onto, outdo, thou, toon, contact, TOUCHDOWN, city, undo, unto, wont, wooden, woodcut, wound.