Goal Time and superquiz, Monday, October 12


Utilizing the 9 letters within the grid, what number of phrases of 4 letters or extra are you able to listing? The centre letter should be included and every letter could also be used solely as soon as. There may be a minimum of one nine-letter phrase. No colloquial or international phrases. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural phrases ending in “s”.

Reference supply: Macquarie Dictionary


In the present day’s Goal: 30 phrases, common; 41 phrases, good; 54+ phrases, glorious.

Saturday’s Goal: acute, AWESTRUCK, trigger, causer, cruet, crus, cruse, crust, cuesta, curate, remedy, curse, curst, curt, cute, cuter, ecru, eruct, rectus, recut, ruck, ruse, rusk, rust, sauce, saucer, saute, scut, scuta, scute, skua, struck, caught, suck, sucker, suer, suet, certain, sutra, taus, truce, truck, true, tuck, tucker, tusk, tusker, ukase, urea, person, wurst.