That was then: Halley’s Comet no match for Duclos’ tea and occasional

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Ottawa’s nice passage by way of the comet’s tail, nonetheless, on Could 18, was anti-climactic. “The comet got here, the comet went, and this previous earth isn’t any worse and no higher, and, to date, little or no wiser,” the Citizen reported. “There was no collision, because the superstitious and the ignorant feared, and, if reality have to be informed, some newspapers sadly traded in these fears by kind of veiled tales and hints. Now that the comet is headed away from us there will likely be no recurrence of the manifestations of terror that have been recorded from all components of the nation and the world.”

If Halley’s impressed terror, it additionally impressed visions of commerce, as Ottawa companies hitched their wagons to the comet’s tail. Labatt’s produced Comet Beer in 1910, whereas different firms made much more tangential connections. “Women and Gents,” started one advert for a Rochester Road retailer, “the magnificent sight of Halley’s Comet can’t come as much as the scrumptious taste of Duclos’ teas and coffees.”

One other, Dominion Plating and Manufacturing firm on Financial institution Road, famous that “Halley’s Comet might come, and Halley’s Comet might go, however our plating wears perpetually. We replate something.”

Halley’s Comet will subsequent return to our neighborhood in 2061. A vape store now occupies the deal with as soon as held by Dominion Plating.