This officer sexually harassed a feminine officer for years. He simply sued efficiently to get his job again with retro pay, netting him greater than his VICTIM was compensated bankrupting the city. This was all made potential as a result of our DA hid him FELONY VIDEOTAPING a feminine officer towards her consent. : TrueCrime

That is how uncontrolled our legal justice system actually is. This cop sexually harassed one other feminine officer for years- along with her experiences of it getting thrown throughout the room at her (by the SGT that’s nonetheless beneath make use of). When she finds proof herself of him videotaping her, she experiences it- felony. He will get to plead out to unrelated charges- will get in a program wiping it from his report and sues for YEARS of back-pay and wins, bankrupting the city throughout COVID. He made greater than they paid off to the feminine officer AND nonetheless has his job. She was despatched packing with 1 / 4 million in tax cash beneath a gag order… jobless.