Which unsolved case haunts you? One the place you genuinely do not know what occurred? : TrueCrime

I really feel like everybody has that one unsolved case that retains them up at night time as a result of not solely do you not know what occurred, there is not a single concept that stands out in your thoughts. For instance, Jonbenet Ramsey is an unsolved case however there are theories that make sense to me, so I really feel considerably assured that I do know what occurred that night time. However that is not all the time true.

The Jamison Household is the one which haunts me probably the most. I don’t know what occurred. All I do know is that I lean in the direction of foul play vs dying of publicity however I am not even that assured in that. Was it homicide? Homicide suicide? Medication? Cults? Hell, the paranormal theories make simply as a lot sense as the opposite theories in that case. A lot proof, however all of them contradict one another. If I might ask for one case to be solved, it might be that one. Or MH370. I really don’t know what occurred to that airplane.


I really like unsolved circumstances, so I used to be fascinated by listening to if anybody else knew circumstances like this.